These are the Funniest Climbing Clips We’ve Ever Seen

15 climbing clips, all free on the internet, all funny.

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You’re here because you, like us, love climbing. But fall too deeply for any infatuation and you’ll also inevitably fall into moments of hilarity and idiocy. That’s why first dates suck. 

These clips show just how obsessed (and dumb) our community is with climbing. Enjoy.


Boogie Til You Poop, Hungover Rock Climber, Canadian Legend Jason Kruk

A classic. If you haven’t already seen it, stop what you’re doing right now and give this one a view—it will be worth it. Former pro climber Jason Kruk makes his way up the previously named Boogie ‘Till You Puke (5.11). Hungover and then stuck in a crack, Kruk can’t help but do a very human and ultimately hilarious release. You’ll see…

Interview with Dave Graham (Wizardry)

What level of wizard are you? Was that some wizard shit? Why attempt wizard shit in the first place? How do you hone in on your wizardry? Dave Graham answers.

Wall Climbing FAIL

Exhibit A: If you set up a toprope for someone on an overhung wall, this is why you should pull the rope so that the climber goes up on what was previously the belayer’s side of the rope. The climber should then unclip as they ascend. This particular climber was O.K., all things considered, but what a fall!

Shit Climbers Say, by Louder Than Eleven

“Come on Bro, breathe,” “Dab,” “Hey, you got any chalk?” “It’s a really low-gravity day,” “My project? It’s pretty futuristic,” “Have you seen that new CityBank commercial,” “Yeah, but where’s the uncut footage,” “My skin sucks today!” “Boulder sucks, those rich entitled motherf*%&s” … And many other annoying, ridiculous things we all say, over and over again. 

Climbing Dating + Fitness – A Climbing Sketch Comedy Series

A six-part series, featuring the crazy and marvelous world of indoor climbing. Crossfit Chad just watched Free Solo, so he figures it’s time to check out the climbing gym. Mark finds the love of his life, and luckily for him, his place is in the parking lot. Brad struggles on his proj, and he pulls out the stops to go for the send attempt. As he demonstrates, the more chalk and tick marks, the better. Enjoy as the very serious, all-too-typical crew of climbers navigate the gym climbing world.

People You See At The Climbing Gym

That guy who obsesses over chalk. Or Mr. Tall Guy Beta. Or the beta sprayer. And other characters you encounter in the indoor climbing realm. 

Top Rope Tough guys (The Official Double Secret Directors Cut)

In this video, learn the intricacies and artform of toproping. The climbers discuss dreamy techniques, such as the “assisted dyno,” the “flying traverse,” and even “ground-up toproping. If you’re sick of big whips and trying hard, this one’s for you.

Grip O’ Glove, Beta Glasses, Re-Onsight and Super Glue Chalk

If you’re looking to tune up your gear kit, pro climber Stefano Ghisolfi has some choice recommendations. Get superior grip with the ultra sticky Grip O’ Glove, or try Super Glue Chalk. Bend your mind with the Beta Glasses, which reveal tricky sequences for even the most confusing comp problems. Finally, up your onsight game with Re-Onsight, which allows you a second first go.

Weekend Whipper: Maniacal Laughter on “Pump Up the Jam” (5.10a)

This one is from 2019, and we still haven’t forgotten it. It has to be one of the best (and delirious?) reactions we’ve ever seen from a whip.

How to be a Rock Climber

“Choose your power sound!” And other crucial tips for becoming a true, indoctrinated member of the climbing community. The video covers everything from essential and nonessential gear (including shoes, harness, nail clippers, and kombucha growler) to differentiating types of climbers and motivating others. The video also highly recommends you quit your job and start living in a van.

Shit Rock Climbers Say, by athensattila

Surprising (or unsurprisingly), climbers say a lot of shit. This vid is similar to the one listed above, by Louder Than 11, but it offers an entirely different list of annoying climber vernacular and expletives. 

Black Diamond HonnSolo 11 Free Soloing Airbag Pack

Did you watch Free Solo? That probably means you’re ready to give soloing a go yourself. Inspired by the man himself, Black Diamond is releasing the HonnSolo!, the world’s first free soloing airbag pack. This thing will keep you safe for the first 50 feet of climbing. 

DUMBEST LINES Of The Olympic Sport Climbing | Tokyo 2020

Climbing finally debuted on the big stage. If there’s anything that became apparent in the aftermath, it’s that the gen pop still has no idea what the f*$% climbing is. Seriously. You have to hand it to the commentators, they really tried. But here’s a video featuring all the things they got wrong.

Don’t Be That Guy At The Crag

We’re not even going to make a joke about this one: Don’t poop next to routes, or in the river. Other hot tips: Don’t crowd others, grease holds, or talk on the phone loudly next to a belayer.

Introducing ClipLips – Best New Climbing Gear of 2020

The pandemic taught us to be more cognizant of germs. With ClipLips, you can safely bite the rope without risk of viral or bacterial infection. They also work against truck stop bathroom floors. 

Film: How Matt Cornell Free Soloed One of America’s Classic Hard Mixed Routes

"The Nutcracker" explores the mental challenges of solo climbing and the tactics Cornell used to help him send the route.