Threading the Needle - Battling the Elements on the Diamond


Threading The Needle from Craig Muderlak on Vimeo.

Video by Craig Muderlak - It had been raining every morning and evening in the front range of Colorado causing flooding in Denver and other towns. Climbing seemed unrealistic. The weather kept other climbers at home, but we decided to take our chances, and we were able to find a small window of fair weather to "thread the needle" in between storms and make an ascent of Pervertical Sanctuary, a 5.11a in Rocky Mountain National Park on the Diamond of Longs Peak. This video is a celebration of the Diamond, which is in my opinion one of the most exquisite rock features in the United States.

From the approach hike, hunkering under boulders, avoiding lightening, deterring marmots from chewing on our gear, swimming in ice-cold lakes, to climbing one of the greatest routes in Colorado, this video highlights the entire process of climbing at 14,000 feet on the diamond. Together, the video, animation, and unique music all created by the climbers produce a diary exemplifying the passion of two adventurers playing in the mountains.