3 Common Power-Endurance Training Mistakes

Tom Randall writes: If we could sum up three things that people really must pay attention to, in their power-endurance training (also includes a lot of endurance stuff as well!), then these three tips are right at the top. Why are they at the top? Well, it’s because the vast majority of climbers completely forget to think about these three things and really they’re absolutely essential to get right. Ignore them, and you’re likely to find yourself in a very poor position.

In this video we cover:

  1. Pace of climbing. Why is it important to think about the speed of training as well as the speed of performance? Will training fast or slow make a big difference?
  2. Grip type for climbing. Should we use a variety of grip types when training power endurance? What grip type should you use for your up-coming trip and why?
  3. Body position and movement style. Why is the way in which you move important? Why does your movement style effect movement economy and how can this affect your success on projects?