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Toni Lamprecht on Beat It (8c+), Kochel, Germany


On August 2, 2009, Toni Lamprecht slayed yet another testpiece at his local stomping ground, Kochel in Southern Germany, that he’s named Beat it (8c+/5.14c).

The 38-year-old German, who's made a number of hard first ascents at Kochel over the years, says that 15 years ago he placed a few bolts in the steep upper part of the wall and then forgot about the beautiful line because it seemed too futuristic.

Two months ago a friend reminded Lamprecht about this gorgeous open project. “After that I soon became involved in the crazy dynamic movements, jumpy sections, trying different solutions, until the ascent came closer,” said Lamprecht in an email.

“Last week I was able to link all the moves successfully during a thunderstorm. The amazing new route is one of my nicest ones yet and ranges somewhere around 8c+. Repeaters voices to be heard soon! Thanks to my friends Uli and Jabo for their vision, which made the fantastic project possible.”