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Weekend Whipper: Whack! Big Trad Fall Shows Why We Wear Helmets

Weekend Whipper shows an upside-down fall from a desert roof, and why it's more important to wear a helmet than a shirt.

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Beautiful February day in Indian Creek.

From Travis Kale of Salt Lake City, who sent in this film of his friend Shane Spyker: “I had gotten Shane psyched to try and flash Layaway Plan,” a 5.11+ at the Way Rambo Wall. “I had tried the route before, so I gave him the gear beta for the roof: Place a piece from the corner as far out as you can, and don’t stop for another piece till you’ve pulled around the roof.

“He was amped and looked pretty smooth through most of the thin hands on the route leading to the roof. Once he got to the roof, he knew he had to fully commit and go for it. …

“And so he did. He was soooo close, and then the foot slip. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you wear a helmet.”

Spyker, of Carbondale, Colorado, was fine, just a little sore. Kale says it is very difficult to place gear from the slopey layback, but, for the record, usually you want gear in a roof.

He adds that his crew had the crag to themselves. “This is why we felt all right about putting on some pump-up music”—not something to do around others at the crag.

Meanwhile, we can walk away reminding ourselves that helmets save melons. He was wise to wear one.


Happy Friday, and be safe out there this weekend.


Thanks to Travis Kale for the video. Readers, please send your whipper videos and information—and of course any lessons learned—to Alison Osius, Thanks to all.