Trailer: Sufferfest 2 - Starring Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright


"Less than a year after enchaining the fifteen tallest peaks in California by bike, Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright have forgotten that it was their worst trip ever and—for god knows what reason—they're at it again. This time the duo attack an ambitious goal to climb 45 of the American Southwest's most iconic Desert Towers via their most difficult routes. It's an epic and scenic bike journey that takes them through Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. This movie has it all, including: gale force winds, hard climbing, snow in the desert, a puppy, huge phallic towers, loose rock, and Alex Honnold's bare ass. What more could you ask for?"

Watch the full movie, Sufferfest 2: Desert Alpine, AKA 34 Pieces of Choss and 5 Horrendous Life Experiences, Starring Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright, on Vimeo.