Uncut: Alex Puccio Sends Epochalypse (V13) After Returning From Knee Surgery

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In July 2019, Alex Puccio took a controlled fall during the Woman Up bouldering competition at Dogpatch Boulder in San Francisco, California. Upon hitting the mat, her knee buckled, causing significant damage. Puccio wrote on Instagram that she required "ACL reconstruction and a lot of meniscus repair to both sides of the right knee." (Puccio still managed to place second at the comp.) While this would have sidelined most people for months, Puccio was back in the gym, working out the healthy regions of her body just one week later. The effort paid off. Five months post-op, in December, she was able to send Epochalypse (V13) on Flagstaff Mountain above Boulder, Colorado. First climbed by Daniel Woods, Epochalypse reverses Undercling Traverse (V9) and links it into Trice (V12). Watch Puccio's unedited send above.

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