Vertical Carnival Dispatches - #10 - A New Line


Join Cedar Wright, Sean Leary, Renan Ozturk, Jeremy Collins, Peter Mortimer, Bean Bowers and Tim Kemple in Patagonia as they battle from Plan A all the way to Plan G in a an attempt to bag a new route on Mochito, a 900 foot massif that sits below Cerro Torre.

Catch up on what the team's been up to in February 2009 with their previous posts from Patagonia: * Video #1 "the prep" * Big Adventures With Best Friends!!! By Cedar Wrigh... * Video #2 "In Transit" * Welcome to The Edge of the Earth. By Cedar Wright * Video #3 "The Arrival" * Video #4 "The Promise" * Video #5 "Patagonian Craggin" * Video #6 "The Local Colors" * NO BAD WEATHER. * Video #7 "Weather Watchers" * Flashback & Samsara Teaser * Video #8 "Bad Weather Gear Testing & Boulder Sessi... * Video #9 "Onto The Glacier" * The First Ascent - smiled on by the weather gods!!...

March 2009 Updates:* Patagonia Black and Whites