Vertical Presence: A Conversation With Trans Climber Zoey Grinstead

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Vertical Presence is a conscious rock climbing series focused on telling the stories of growth and awareness within the vertical world. In this episode, Zoey Grinstead shares a conversation about climbing and presence, and what the rock climbing community means for her.

Filmmaker Eric Fallecker writes: "We met up with Zoey for some sportsClimbing in Malibu Creek, it is a favorite local crag for a lot of climbers in Los Angeles, all who come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, races and religious beliefs. Zoey is a route setter at Touchstone Climbing, a friend, and someone who will give you a nice soft catch when you fall, but don't ask for any climbing beta. ;) Representation is important in this industry, as inclusive as we might think this sport is, we can still all fight for more representation, access, and equal opportunities.