Adam Ondra Perfecto Mundo (5.15c) Updates

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Last week Adam Ondra announced that he's projecting Perfecto Mundo (5.15c) in Margalef, Catalonia, Spain. The iconic route was bolted by Chris Sharma, and then first climbed by Alex Megos in 2018. Since then, Ondra has begun putting out regular videos about his progress on the routes. Check out the two latest below.

Part 2: Small Thing Big Deal

Ondra writes: "There are many factors that affect your outdoor climbing performance. One of them is the state of the skin on your fingertips. Perfecto Mundo is quite sharp and maintaining good skin is absolutely crucial. Watch the next episode to see more about my split fingertip and how it went on day two."

Part 3: Weather Change

Ondra writes: "It was nice to enjoy a rest day. I saw some other routes in the close area, although I felt super excited to hit Perfecto Mundo (9b+, 5.15c) again. But I waited, let the skin recover at least a little bit, and came the next day—day three on Perfecto Mundo. My goal was to climb the whole route starting from the fifth bolt—exactly as I was attempting to do it on day two. Unfortunately, the moves felt very different with warmer and humid conditions."