Video: Dani Arnold Free Solos 1,200-Meter Grandes Jorasses in 2:04

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On July 27, Dani Arnold began up the Cassin Route on Grandes Jorasses. The peak is part of the Mont Blanc Massif and sits on the border of France and Italy. The 1,200 meter route features climbing up to 5.9, and most parties climb it over several days. In fact, Arnold passed nine other groups on his way to the summit, which he tagged in a blazing 2:04. 

Arnold is no stranger to speed ascents. In 2011, he broke Ueli Steck's speed record for the Eiger's North Face, climbing the route in 2:28 and holding the record until Steck took it back in 2015.  He soloed the 1,115 foot WI6 route Crack Baby in 27 minutes in 2014. He broke Uli Steck's record for the Matterhorn's North Face in 2015, climbing the route in 1:46. Arnold also holds the records for the Via Carlesso route on Italy's Torre Trieste and Via Cassin on Switzerland's Piz Badille.

On his website, Arnold wrote of the Grandes Jorasses ascent:

I’ve achieved my very big dream of making fast solo ascents up the three big north faces in the Alps. The goal was lingering in my mind for years. Every mountaineer is fascinated by the three big faces and knows the "last great problems of the Alps."

Everything started with the North Face of the Eiger and the circle now closes with the completion of the Grandes Jorasses project. Source: