Video: Edu Marin Sends Odyn's Crack (5.15a) Pitch of Getu Arch Mega Route


Watch Edu Marin send the fifth pitch of Valhalla in Getu, China, which he's dubbed Odyn's Crack (5.15a/9a+). The full, monster route ascends one side of Getu Arch, climbs across the roof for ~250 meters, and then tops out on the other side of the arch. In total, it's about 400 meters and 14 pitches, which go at:

  1. 7b+/5.12c
  2. 7a/5.11d
  3. 8a+/5.13c
  4. 7c+/5.13a
  5. 9a+/5.15a
  6. 8b+/5.14a
  7. 8a/5.13b
  8. 8c+/5.14c
  9. 8a+/5.13c
  10. 8b/5.13d
  11. 8a+/5.13c
  12. 8c+/5.14c
  13. 8a+/5.13c
  14. 8a+/5.13c

Marin bolted the line ground-up. Now, with the crux pitch complete, the redpoint is in sight. Marin wrote on Youtube:

To release all Valhalla pitches I've been 4 months already in Getu village, Guizhou province, one of the poorest regions of China (in constant development though) which economy is based mainly on agriculture. Things are different, here. People has no time for leisure and internet connection is low.

Waking up early, 983 stairs up, 150 meters of Jumar ascent and start climbing at -5 C has been our routine during this months. To be honest I've been tempted to give up sometimes. Endurance, discipline, perseverance, and lots of motivation to release every single pitch!

I've built a sentence that I repeat to myself everyday when putting on my climbing shoes: "Limits are thoughts feeding on our fear of failing."

I know Valhalla is madness and that it became my biggest obsession.

It couldn't be possible without being with the best mate possible, the one who knows how to tame the beast in the worst moments, who knows me better... Thank you for so much, father!

And, Álex (my brother), thank you so much for believing on this madness since the very first moment. Now, I feel ready for the final battle, climbing Valhalla in a single day!