Video: Martin Stráník Sends The Story of Two Worlds (V15)


Watch Martin Stráník repeat The Story of Two Worlds (V15), Dave Graham's sit start to The Dagger (V14) on the Dreamtime boulder at Cresciano, Switzerland. "The story of two worlds was quite a great process over five days. I started with working on The Dagger and after two days it was done. I tried the first moves of "Story" and thought that I would be able to make a fast ascent, but temperature was not on my side. Every day I woke up early in the morning to give some serious attemps, but I wasn't even close. Finally, the temperature dropped and it was something different and much 'easier.' Now the problem was not a link to The Dagger but connected with all The Dagger moves. It is quite a long boulder. I was lucky to send it."