VIDEO FROM THE VAULT: Sean McColl’s Crazy Moves

When the rest of the press moved to the other side of the stage, our then website editor stayed right where he was for the clear shot, and caught the flying iron cross.

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Summer 2016, the beloved GoPro Mountain Games. Our then website editor, Hayden Carpenter, was ringside as Sean McColl (CAN) came out to M3, a stumper. At the same time, a top contender for the women’s crown came out, and the crowds in the press section moved to the other side of the stage. Carpenter (then of Rock and Ice, now merged with Climbing), stayed right where he was for the clear shot, and caught the flying iron cross. This film clip was a top player on the GoPro Games website, with hundreds of thousands of views.

The best is McColl’s expression when he goes full corkscrew. He, too, knows it’s crazy.

McColl, long the top male Canadian competitor, came close to topping the problem next go, coming off below the final hold. He finished sixth, having made finals.

The event was an IFSC Bouldering World Cup. If you are wondering who won at Vail that year, it was the USA’s Megan Mascarenas for her second gold in Vail, with Shauna Coxsey (UK) in second and Anna Stöhr (AUS) third. Kokoro Fujii (JPN) ruled for men, with Tomoa Narasaki (JPN) in second, and Aleksei Rubtsov (RUS) third.

If you are wondering what McColl is doing lately, he and his compatriot Alannah Yip are off to the Olympics, which begin in three weeks, with climbing events August 3-6. Also Olympics-bound from the above-mentioned are Coxsey, Narasaki, and Rubtsov. Best luck to them all.

It must be kooky turn-around moves day. We have also published a clever spin from the UK’s Molly Thompson-Smith, subverting the jump intended by setters. See that video here. 




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