VIDEO: And the Ugliest Topout Award Goes To… Giuliano Cameroni on La Rustica

A masterclass in why you should rehearse your topouts

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Jimmy Webb’s La Rustica is a long, powerful boulder problem in Ticino, Switzerland, and in this uncut Mellow video, the Swiss crusher Giuliano Cameroni is audibly desperate for the entire upper half.


Well, it’s V15, which means it’s desperate by definition; but Cameroni has further stacked the odds against himself by forgetting to rehearse his topout.

Upon reaching the lip, Cameroni finds himself staring up at a chalkless and mossy headwall. He tries to be elegant, but that plan quickly devolves. His heel skids on some moss and he nearly craters. He straddles the blunt arete and squeezes with his thighs. Eventually (grunting) he beaches himself on the slab and uses his bare chest to maintain friction.

There are some “Oh’s” and some “ughs” and some expletives. The whole thing goes on far longer than you think it should.

When Cameroni finally gets down from the boulder, still panting, he looks up at where he’d been, then down at his apparently inadequate landing zone, then back up, then back down.

He shakes his head in what may very well be self-disgust.

As one Youtube commenter puts it: “That topout was easily the most relatable thing I’ve ever watched on this channel.”