Video: Wideboyz Climb 130 Routes and Run 20 Miles in 24 Hours


Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker have a tendency to take on insane challenges. They've conquered the hardest off-width in the world. They've climbed one of the hardest finger cracks. They've attempted 5.13a in fat suits. This challenge might be their craziest yet. The pair decided to link all the Brown and Whillans routes on  the Eastern and Western Grit in a day. According to Randall's blog, that would encompass 17 crags, 23.6 miles of running, and 132 pitches. Randall estimates they soloed 66% of the routes. The team achieved their goal with some suffering, and this hairy moment recounted by Randall:

"One of our tactics on some routes was for the seconder to be immediately lowered back to the ground to start soloing up the next route before the other person could get down to the base and follow. Well on one long route, I was being lowered down, but swung out too far and was about to hit a tree so I grabbed a hold on the face and shouted at Pete to hold me one second to redirection myself. What did he do? He thought I’d said 'off belay,' so untied, chucked the rope off the top and left me abandoned on this hold! It all worked out with a little down soloing though."