Watch Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb Climb Ticino's Hardest Boulders

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Over the winter, before the pandemic, Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb spent the season in  Ticino, Switzerland, developing boulders at Val Bavona. While they were there, they ticked the area’s hardest problems—which also happen to be some of the hardest problems in the world. With three V15s and three V16s, the V-points of the six problems in this video add up to an absurd 93.


Daniel Woods

  • 4-Low (8C/V15), first ascent
  • Primitivo (8C/V15)
  • Off the Wagon Low (8C/V16), third ascent

Jimmy Webb

  • Roadkill (8C/V15), second ascent
  • Off the Wagon Low (8C+/V16), second ascent
  • Poison the Well (8C+/V16) second ascent

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