Watch Giuliano Cameroni Make the First Ascent of Power of Now (V15)

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On June 29, Giuliano Cameroni announced that he'd made the first ascent of Power of Now in Magic Wood, Switzerland, grading the problem 8C/V15. The 60-degree overhanging problem culminates in a huge throw to the lip. Cameroni found that he couldn't stick the move if his feet cut, so he had to focus on maintaining tension through his right foot throughout the move. Watch the first ascent above.

Cameroni explained why he chose to call the problem Power of Now in an Instagram post:

"The key was to focus on the moment. So many times on dynamic moves it’s easy to start thinking. When you are free of thoughts and fear of messing up, you just focus on the now, which is an extra element that helps your way up your climb. Being in the present moment is not only necessary in climbing, but it helps life in general. It gives joy and takes away weird pressure from the egoistic mind. Meditation takes away negative ideas and helps being in comfort with your whole body and respect nature and other people."

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