Watch Oriane Bertone Climb a V15 First Ascent at Age 15

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The French climber Oriana Bertone made the first ascent of Satan I Helvete Low Start in Fontainebleau, France. She suggested a grade of 8C/V15 for the new variation. Notably, Bertone is only 15 years old. She completed the line following a month at home due to the pandemic.

The original version of Satan I Helvete was first climbed by Dave Graham in 2003 and went at 8B/V13. After a hold broke, the new consensus landed at 8B+/V14. Oriane Bertone's new variation adds a low start. This makes Bertone the fourth woman to ever climb the grade, following Ashima Shiraishi, Kaddi Lehman, and Mishka Ishi. Notably, Shiraishi was the youngest person ever to climb V15 when she climbed Horizon at Mt. Hiei in Japan at age 15. Later, Ishi brought the record down when she climbed Byaku-dou at Mt. Hourai in Japan at age 13. Bertone has previously climbed V14 at 12 and V13 at 11.

Of course, more climbers will need to send Bertone's variation it in order to form a grade consensus. The noted French barefoot climber Charles Albert has since repeated it, though he declined to suggest a grade.