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Weekend Whipper: How To Break an Ankle and a Wrist

This Weekend Whipper serves up a double whammy of bone-cracking gnarliness.

Alex Dangerfield took this whip on Terminal Vector (5.13b) at a the Pit, a limestone sport-climbing crag out in Flagstaff, Arizona.  (And yes, Dangerfield is his real—and remarkably fitting—name.)

“I skipped a bolt and tried to top the route out, but my left hand jam came out and then my left foot popped,” Alex told Climbing. “I swung left and compressed my left wrist against the wall and bent my left ankle. Both are now broken.

“I hiked out of the canyon on pure adrenaline and went to doctor two days later. I avoided surgery due to my lack of health insurance and had to put both in a cast. My mediall malleolus (Ankle) and triquetrum (Wrist) were both fractured.”

Sorry to hear about the injuries, Alex. Hope you heal up fast. But for the love of all that is holy—get some health insurance!

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!