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Weekend Whipper: The Higher the Ball, the Higher the Fall

Some would say dynoing near the top of a highball is a bad idea. Some would also say screw that and huck for it anyway, as our brave whippee did this week.

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“Here is me eating shit,” Euan Hockey told us in the email that accompanied this Whipper.

He was climbing Foop, a V2 at Flock Hill, New Zealand, when, to use his own words, he got his “ass handed” to him. His friend Josh captured the epic splat on film.

“I wasn’t tall enough to do the static beta,” he said. “This was the last of 4 or 5 attempts at the dyno. Didn’t land on my face on the other attempts. I was totally fine apart from a bruised jaw from landing on my own hand.” Euan also asked us to thank Jordanella for “not running away and trying to help.” 🤣

Glad you were okay, Euan.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!