Here are the Winners from the 2022 USA Paraclimbing Nationals

Just over 90 paraclimbers competed this past weekend across 10 categories.

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The 2022 USA Paraclimbing Nationals took place this past weekend, from March 26 to 27, in Birmingham, Alabama.

Just over 90 athletes participated. The competition consisted of a qualification and final round for each category. Athletes who placed in the top three of their category qualified for the U.S. Paraclimbing National Team.

Amy Mullins coats up, on her way to winning Women’s B3. (Photo: Bree Robles/USA Climbing)

Categories included were:

  • Limited Range and Power (RP1, RP2, RP3)
  • Visual Impairment (B1, B2, B3)
  • Upper Extremity Amputee (AU2)
  • Lower Extremity Amputee (AL1, AL2)
  • Youth

USA Paraclimbing Nationals used the IFSC Paraclimbing classification system. Each classification is broken into subcategories ranging from 1 through 3, such as B1, B2 and B3. Lower numbers indicate lower functionality (more impairment) and higher numbers indicate higher functionality (less impairment).   

Results and a link to the livestream are below. The first Paraclimbing World Cup of the season will be held from May 24 to 25 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Women’s B1

  1. Raveena Alli

Women’s B2

  1. Mandi Curtis
  2. Emeline Lakrout

Women’s B3

  1. Amy Mullins
  2. Paige Trotter

Women’s RP1

  1. Melissa Ruiz
  2. Hannah Zook
  3. Christina Leffmann
  4. Phuong Anh Hua
  5. Stephanie Zaia

Women’s RP2

  1. Emily Seelenfreund
  2. Caroline Winstel
  3. Lauren Rouse

Women’s RP3

  1. Nat Vorel
  2. Sarah Belanger
  3. Madisyn Taute
  4. Brittany Davis
  5. Eliana Wallack

Women’s AL1

  1. Carlie Cook

Women’s AL2

  1. Emily Stephenson
  2. Hannah McFadden
  3. Mariah Bener
  4. Meaghan Cusack

Women’s AU2

  1. Maureen Beck
  2. Eleanor Rubin
  3. Giovanna Dubuc
  4. Helena Grace Miller
  5. Chloe Poston
Maureen Beck, winner of Women’s AU2.  (Photo: Bree Robles/USA Climbing)

Female Youth

  1. Anna DeVries

Men’s B1

  1. Justen Proctor
  2. Bill Casson
  3. Eris Skenderi

Men’s B2

  1. Justin Salas
Justin Salas on his way to first place in Men’s B2. (Photo: Bree Robles/USA Climbing)

Men’s B3

  1. Connor Gearey
  2. Diego Kusnir

Men’s RP1

  1. Elliott Nguyen
  2. Sunny Yang
  3. Alexander Dornbusch
  4. Connor King

Men’s RP2

  1. Dennis Connors
  2. Ben Mayforth
  3. Brayden Butler
  4. Atticus Matkin
  5. Leorenz Capili

Men’s RP3

  1. Micah Winkle
  2. Daylon Pheonix
  3. Jared Lenahan
  4. Stephan Sattel

Men’s AL1

  1. Carlos Quiles
  2. Avni Jahjaga
  3. Jorge Macias
  4. Benjamin Hickson

Men’s AL2

  1. Ethan Zilz
  2. Colin Torpey 
  3. Kyle Long
  4. Jake Sanchez
  5. Corey Ramos

Jake Sanchez takes a moment to shake out.  (Photo: Bree Robles/USA Climbing)

Men’s AU2

  1. Trevor Smith
  2. Brian Zarzuela
  3. James Fountain
  4. Matthew Lynch

Male Youth

  1. Watson Armstrong
  2. Eliott Hu
  3. Jackson Haberman
  4. Amitai Hepner

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