Deal of the Week: Sport Cragging

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Whether you’re taking burns on your summer project or just getting out for casual crag days with your friends, is offering great deals on everything you need for sport climbing. Check out their awesome discounts up to 45% off on everything from climbing shoes to ropes.

Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe $160.61 (15% off, was $188.95)

The Boostic is an aggressively downturned shoe designed for high performance on steep terrain. It has a snug heel, as well as a floating hook-and-loop closure system that allows for a tight fit that contours to any foot shape. Scarpa calls the Boostic “a recipe for red-pointing success.”

View the Boostic Climbing Shoe at

Scarpa Vapor Climbing Shoe $96.22 (45% off, was $174.95)

The Vapor is yet another great option for a performance driven sport climbing shoe—the asymmetrical shape and downturned toe excels on overhangs, the Vibram XS Edge outsole allows you to stand on micro-footholds, and the bi-tension randing system directs power to the toe.

View the women’s Vapor Climbing Shoe at


View the men’s Vapor Climbing Shoe at

Edelweiss Power Unicore EverDry 10mm Climbing Rope

$195.46 (15% off, was $229.95)

With a diameter of 10mm, the Power Unicore EverDry from Edelweiss is a seriously tough climbing rope. Would you want to carry this thing ten miles into the backcountry? Probably not. But will it take a wicked beating at the sport crag, catching whip after whip and maintaining its integrity? Absolutely. Add an abrasion- and water-resistant sheath and you’ve got yourself a rope that will last you a very long time.

View the Power Unicore EverDry 10mm Climbing Rope at

CAMP USA Rox Pack With Rocky Rope Tarp $71.97 (40% off, was $119.95)

The Rox Pack is a well-thought-out backpack, designed specifically for sport climbers hauling their gear to the crag. It is the perfect size for a 70m rope, a couple pairs of shoes, harness, quickdraws, snacks, water, and an extra layer or two. It opens like a duffle bag for easy access to the main compartment, and comes with a rope tarp included.

View the Rox Pack With Rocky Rope Tarp at

Wild Country Electron Quickdraw $16.46 (25% off, was $21.95)

The Electron Quickdraw features a straight-gate for bolt clipping and a bent-gate for rope clipping, both with keylock noses to avoid snagging while unclipping and ensuring a smooth climb. There’s nothing worse than fumbling around trying to take a draw off your harness as you’re pumping out during the crux sequence of your project.

View the Electron Quickdraw at

Black Diamond Mojo Repo Chalk Bag $13.96 (30% off, was $19.95)

All chalk bags are made more or less the same—they are a bag that holds chalk… simple as that. However, the Mojo Repo is constructed out of repurposed fabric scraps from the Black Diamond factory; any product that minimizes waste is a winner in our book.

View the Mojo Repo Chalk Bag at

Edelrid Ace Ambassador Harness $77.97 (40% off, was $129.95)

The Ace Ambassador Harness is a limited edition piece worn by

 Edelrid’s sponsored athletes. It has 3D-Vent Technology that provides even pressure distribution and ultimate breathability. This makes the Ace wildly comfortable for both taking enormous whippers on your project or for belaying your partner as they hangdog theirs.

View the Ace Ambassador Harness at

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe $71.21 (30% off, was $94.95)

The Momentum Climbing Shoe is an excellent option for a newer climber, or for an alternate pair of comfortable shoes for the advanced climber. It has a flat sole and a low-asymmetrical shape for comfort, as well as a knit upper for breathability. The Momentum is great for low-angle climbing, and for glory laps on 5.8 at your local crag.


View the women’s Momentum Climbing Shoe at

View the men’s Momentum Climbing Shoe at


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