Stubai Scorpion

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The Stubai Scorpion scored good marks for its wrap-around pinky rest, but came up short in all other aspects.

Stubai Scorpion

Stubai Scorpion, $190

Summary: This tool’s a real clunker. The pick is too big and its teeth are not beveled, so the Scorpion got hopelessly stuck when planted securely, plus the shallow droop angle made the pick insecure when hooking. The grip is OK, and the wraparound pinky shelf provides good support, but nearly half a hand contacts heat-sucking metal. The spike protrudes almost twice as far as most other tools, so it often stubbed into the ice at the beginning of each swing. The leash is confusing and attaches to the shaft with a full-size


that rattles against the shaft. The cable loop for clipping the leash was quite hard to snag when we were stressed, and the notch in the clipping carabiner snagged.

Pros: Wraparound pinky shelf.

Cons: Shallow pick angle. Confusing leash.

Overall grade: C-

Stubai/Advanced Base Camp: (888) 902-5462

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