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Shelf Road, 1990: after another wretched, frosty night, I bought a second cheap-o sleeping bag, reasoning that two bad bags together somehow equaled one good one. The result? A suffocating cocoon with subpar thermoregulation. If only I’d had the ingenious LIPPI SELK’BAG SLEEPWARE SYSTEM 1 ($149, selkbagnation.com), a sleeping bag in suit form. With a range from 49 to 32 F, the System 1 bag has hollow-fiber, bondedpolyester insulation, hand and leg zips, a front-torso zip-down flap, reinforced feet, and a drawstring hood. The shell, meanwhile, is durable nylon taffeta 210T/70D. The Selk’bag’s great around camp but also as your primary sleeping bag . . . or “bag within a bag” for extra warmth. Weights are 3.4lbs (M), 3.8lbs (L), and 4.5lbs (XL). There’s also the warmer Model 2

—Matt Samet

Film: How Matt Cornell Free Soloed One of America’s Classic Hard Mixed Routes

"The Nutcracker" explores the mental challenges of solo climbing and the tactics Cornell used to help him send the route.