The 8th Annual TRASH BASH

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The 8th Annual TRASH BASH is almost here!

What: Flagstaff TRASH BASHWhen: Sept 10th, 2008 at 5pmWhy: It’s a clean, green, happening scene!

With another season of bottle breaking and cigarette butt flicking just around the corner, it is time for the rest of us to step up and cleanup all the trash left behind by the environ-mentally challenged.

The 8th Annual Flagstaff Trash Bash will be happening on Wednesday,September 10th, 2008, and you know itwill be raining booty. So mark your calendar, recruit/brainwash some friends, and head up to the Summit to pick up trash, eat dinner, drink beverages, and walk away with the goods.

As always, there will be food, beverages and a raffle for all the volunteers following the cleanup.

The trash cleanup starts with the raffle sign up around 5pm (after work), at the Flagstaff Mountain Summit. To get there,go about three miles up Flagstaff Road, take a right on the Flagstaff Summit Road and drive to the Flagstaff Summit parking lot. Look for “The Stone Shelter” about 100yards to the west of the lot.

After the cleanup, there’ll be food and beverages followed by the legendary “schwag fest” raffle.

Bring work gloves if you can, and warm clothes for later. Bring a friend and car pool if possible. Parking fee will be waived for non-resident volunteers. If you are running late, come anyway to help recycle thetrash, and enjoy the festivities.

The Trash Bash is an outstanding example of how the outdoor community can work together with local land managers to address impacts to our public lands. Over the years more than 700 volunteers, including the Honorable Congressman Mark Udall (D), and Will Shafroth (D) who have joined us in picking up tons of trash and completing many restoration projects.

Thanks for being part of this event. Come out and clean up.

Willie MeinTrash Man

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