Quick Clips: 4 Quick Fixes for Common Climber Problems (Issue 369)

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When you need a place at camp or in the parking lot to quickly organize gear, tie paracord between the struts of your car’s rear hatch. Add overhand knots to separate different gear types and sizes.
—Trent Vonich

Did the top inch of water in your Nalgene freeze during a day of ice cragging? Screw a stubby ice screw through the ice until it reaches the water—the screw is hollow, so you can drink from it like a straw.
—Tyler Smallwood

Instead of expensive sunglasses, I climb with tinted safety glasses made by 3M, meant for construction workers and anyone doing work outside. They’re less than $2 a pop, have all the same UV protection, are super lightweight, and are virtually indestructible so I never have to worry about shoving them into a pocket or pack.
—Vadim Kuklov


If you love tuna as a crag snack but struggle to eat it without making a mess, try this hack: Bend a cheap metal spoon into a loop and put a biner through it. Clip the spoon to your harness, have a mid-climb snack, use it as a “cam”—whatever! The options are endless.
—Weston Hamilton

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