The Complete Guide to Taking Sick Climbing Photos

You see untold climbing photos nearly every day and most of them suck. The bad news is they're your pics. It doesn't have to be this way. Follow the advice from these five expert climbing photographers and start taking world-class pics you'll be proud to share.

Photo: Jan Novak

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You’re inundated every day with climbing photos on social media and blogs and websites, but fact is most of those shots suck. The bad news: those are your photos. With today’s nearly foolproof camera phones, many of which rival the technical abilities of DSLRs, it is possible to take pro-level shots, you just need a bit of help getting there. What follows are a series easy-to-digest self-help articles by pros and advanced amateurs who have had a hand in setting the bar for climbing photography. Read, absorb the wisdom, and up your photo game.

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