Outside TV: Feast Your Eyes on Epic Adventure

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I’m a huge consumer of climbing videos: My default when I’m vegging out or doing PT exercises in the basement is YouTube climbing videos, especially while my kids are awake. Given that they can come running into the room at any moment, curious about what’s on the screen and full of questions, it’s probably better to have the latest uncut bouldering footie on than to be watching Squid Game. But it’s not just climbing videos that I like; really any good outdoor-adventure video, with epic footage and good storytelling, will hold my interest. I think most of us are the same.

One of the top benefits, to my mind, of an Outside+ membership is all the amazing streamable content at Outside TV. Presenting some of the best, most white-knuckle footage in the outdoor-sports world, Outside TV has a wealth of content across the spectrum—not just climbing, but mountain biking, skiing, surfing, kayaking, sky sports, and so on.

I went exploring the other morning on the “Sky” channel and ended up watching one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while. In it, professional flyer Marshall Miller, as part of his series “Marshall Miller Mondays,” jumps off the top of the Lone Peak Cirque in the Wasatch Range above Salt Lake City. A climber himself, he had been coming to the granite walls since he was a kid, and then began to wonder about BASE jumping into it. Spoiler alert: He makes it, but just barely, and the first-person footage in which the wall is rushing by and a big ledge is coming up is terrifying to watch. From there, Miller hops into his paraglider and flies down through Little Cottonwood Canyon, back to his car in the flatlands, soaring through bluebird skies.



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