How to Do a Pull Up, a Guide for Beginners

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In this video, Ella and Maddy deliver 2 sessions that are great for building up to your first pull up, or for progressing at pull-ups within the 1-5 rep range. These sessions use a range of theraband assisted exercises to make pull up training more accessible. They can be completed alongside climbing and the intensity can easily be adjusted as you progress either by increasing the reps or increasing the intensity.


Intro: (0:00) Pull-up Form: (1:13) Session 1 – Pull-up Prep: (4:43) Band Pull-down: (4:51) Scapular Engagement: (5:47) Lock-offs: (7:41) Low Row: (10:32) Pushing Exercises: (14:52) Session 1 Summary: (15:21) Session 2 – Pull-up Progress: (17:08) Assisted Pull-ups: (17:12) Assisted Negatives: (18:40) Lock-offs: (20:13) Session 2 Summary: (21:25 Good luck and we hope you enjoy

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