Gear Guide 2020: Gym and Training Kit

Our top seven picks for the best gym and training gear of 2020.

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We get it—training’s hard. However, with the following 7 new gym-focused products working for you, your session will be more gain than pain.

Tension Grindstone Mk2 

The Tension Grindstone Mk2. 

“The poplar board looks good and provides minimal friction. Our tester’s skin didn’t bunch over the custom edge profile, which is tapered just enough to preclude passive hanging.” Read full review.

Scarpa Veloce

The Scarpa Veloce climbing shoe. 

“Taking the push toward über-comfort plus performance that peaked in the Furia Air, Scarpa has designed a soft gym shoe with many of the same traits.” Read full review.  

Fixe Crunchy Chalk

Fixe Crunchy Chalk. 

“Our tester used it both in the gym and outside on a 12-bolt sport project with still-largely-unchalked holds—the kind that soak up the white stuff on your first few goes.” Read full review

The North Face North Dome Pack

The North Face North Dome Pack. 

“TNF’s North Dome combines smart, climber-friendly features into a stylish pack that’s perfect for commuting to the gym.” Read full review

Metolius Wood Rock Rings

Metolius Wood Rock Rings. 

“The rings shone for their versatility: To warm up for hangboarding, our tester did finger curls on the 15mm edge clipped to a 15-lb weight, and also used the rings for deadhangs and pull-ups.” Read full review.

Chalk Cartel The Baller

Chalk Cartel The Baller. 

“Plump with 2.2 oz of finely ground Chalk Cartel chalk, The Baller refillable, reusable chalk ball made for a trusty gym-bouldering and hangboarding friend.” Read full review.

The North Face North Dome Walls Chalkbag 

The North Face North Dome Walls Chalkbag. 

“The North Dome Walls is burly, made of 100% recycled polyester with a DWR finish, and took a beating on the local sandstone.” Read full review.

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Kevin Corrigan is Climbing’s digital editor. Since ticking every sport route below 5.9 in his home crag of Boulder Canyon, he’s shifted his focus to pushing his limits. Progress has been slow and steady, but Kevin is in it for the long haul. He hopes to be one of those people who redpoints his first 5.14 at age 65.

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