Review: Armaid

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Without my Armaid, I’d be a goner, given my tendency to train to the point of “perma-pump.” By letting me drill deep into my forearms, addressing painful knots and problem areas, and “squeegeeing out” lactic acid between burns, this simple, portable tool has been a game-changer. With a cult following, the Armaid has gotten even better in its second iteration, which most notably moves the “load spot” (massage point) closer to the fulcrum, letting you clamp down with greater ease and massage more deeply. (With the old model, I’d sometimes pump out whichever arm was holding the device, as I had to squeeze hard to get the desired effect.) Other improvements include a heavier, more stable and ergonomic saddle-shaped base, a simpler, more intuitive system for switching out attachments, and a new medium-firm yellow roller. Weighing one-pound-plus and fashioned from super-bombproof polypro buffered with glass fibers, the new Armaid is also 2.5” shorter, making for an easier carry to the crag—where, buddy, you’re gonna want it!

Limited-Time Offer
The first 50 people who sign up for Climbing’s Summit Membership using the coupon code ARMAID20 will receive a FREE Armaid forearm-massager with the white roller attachment (a retail value of $69). Click here for details. Offer only available within the US.

$79 (One Roller)/$129 (All Rollers),

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